Digital Fabrics

Can't find a fabric to complete your design scheme? Digitally printed fabrics allow you to be creative.

Digital fabrics are suitable for:

  • Drapery
  • Bedding
  • Upholstery
  • Pillows

Most any design can be digitally printed on a variety of base cloths:

  • Sheers
  • Sheeting
  • Canvas
  • Hook Weave            

Let us know your specific application and we will find a suitable cloth to meet your requirements. Many of our fabrics address the important issues - FR, Eco friendly with a Recycled content, and IMO.
Send us your concepts and we'll turn them into reality.

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Digital Process

  • A sample will be produced and shipped to you for approval.
  • Confirm art approval form.
  • Production will begin when a purchase order has been received and field measurements are verified.
  • Upon completion of production, your digital fabrics will be shipped per your shipping instructions.


Submit Your Images

Art Files

Eykon Design Resources can accept many different formats for the art work.

We recommend vector EPS, AI, PDF, high resolution Jpegs or TIF files. You can upload your files to flash drives, DVDs, CDs or our FTP site. You can also provide us with a link to download your images. When designing a digital file please be sure the image is built at 255 dpi at full printed size. Images downloaded from outside sources will require the largest file available.


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